We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing organisations!
Below are a few recent projects so you can see some examples of our work.

Client: Norwich & King's Lynn Intesive
Project: Website Builds

Both Norwich Intensive and King’s Lynn Intensive websites needed updating with a more modern design as the previous websites were, while functional, very dated.

Give Digital created two new websites to provide potential students all the information they needed about the company and the courses while a simple contact form provides an easy way to get in touch with the team to book their course.

Both websites needed to be consistent but with a different colours scheme to differentiate between the two locations.

Since the new websites went live client books have significantly increased!

Client: The Realistic Trader
Project: Customer Facing Website / Video Course Portal / eCommerce Platform / Automation Services

Siam Kidd, also known as The Realistic Trader, is a highly successful business owner and cryptocurrency trader. The Realistic Trader offers an educational group where individuals can join to learn the art of trading through informative video courses and engaging live sessions.

To cater to Siam’s needs, we developed a customer-facing website that prioritises fast loading times and aims for high conversion rates across various marketing strategies. The website serves as a gateway for potential customers, providing them with a seamless user experience.

In addition to the customer-facing aspect, we created a secure member portal on the website. After purchasing the course, members can log in and access over 60 hours of video content presented in a user-friendly format. We ensured that this portal seamlessly integrates and communicates with Siam’s CRM software, allowing for efficient data management and enhanced user experience.

Throughout the project, we implemented multiple automations to ensure that data remains readily available across all systems. This enables Siam to streamline his processes and maintain a cohesive workflow.

Overall, our aim was to create a robust and efficient website that not only attracts potential customers but also provides a comprehensive learning platform for Siam’s members.

Client: The Wellness Hub
Project: Website Support

The team at The Wellness Hub sought assistance with their website, which was originally built and hosted by a large Digital Media company that proved to be quite expensive. Recognising their need for cost-effective solutions, Give Digital stepped in to provide our services at a fraction of the cost.

Since their website is built on WordPress and WooCommerce, we possess the necessary expertise to implement changes, deliver updates, and offer valuable advice to enhance their online presence.

Client: Carmen Roberts Travels
Project: A New Blog Website

Carmen, an exceptional travel journalist with an impressive career history, reached out to Give Digital based on a recommendation from a satisfied client. She desired a new blog platform where she could effortlessly share travel tips in a user-friendly format that loads quickly and boasts an appealing design. 

We were delighted to step in and assist Carmen with her project, leveraging our expertise to create a blog that fulfils her requirements and showcases her travel insights in the best possible manner.

Client: The Wealth Action Plan
Project: Customer Facing Website / Video Course Portal / eCommerce Platform / Automation Services

This was the second website we developed for a client, following a similar concept to The Realistic Trader.

We created a customer-facing website that facilitated the sale of the subscription service through an eCommerce platform. Additionally, we designed a separate website, functioning as a customer portal, where users could log in and access the courses corresponding to their membership level.

To ensure seamless integration and efficient management of user data, we established connections between the customer portal and the backend CRM system. Through various automations, we synchronised permissions and user information across all platforms, guaranteeing up-to-date and accurate data.

By implementing these features, we aimed to provide an intuitive and comprehensive experience for customers, allowing them to easily navigate the subscription service and access their respective courses.